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Fall is the song whose musical notes are winds. The flying leaves are dazzling!


Winter is the sculptor who uses only white! The snowman revives with small snow balls!


Spring is the magician who uses all colours and decorates every branch with flowers and birds with a single touch!


Summer is the most funster who tells funny stories with.

When the seasons touch each other, they change the nature

Design & Quality are the essential spirit of our passion in fashion. At BBX we are focused on stylish, innovative, modern, and quality baby products, that help parents comfort and care for their baby.

We  are inspired by never ending passion for fashion

About Us BBX Baby & Kids Fashion

Our company was established in 1965 in Bursa / Turkey . As a result of this, - BBX Brand- has the experience of more than a half century in fashion design. We have our own yarn and fabric production in two modern factories. So, we can choose and use the best fabrics for our collections.

  • 0-1 year old Baby and 2-3-4 years old Kids Wear & Products,
  • 10 Pieces Newborn Sets,
  • Baby Blankets,
  • Unique and Registered Designs of Swaddles,
  • Rompers,
  • Diaper Changing Sets
  • Fall/Winter Trendy Baby & Kids Wear
  • Spring/Summer Trendy Baby & Kids Wear

Live photos from our booth in fashion & trade fairs

What we present ?

We always care about design and quality

We give importance to choose the best fabric and materials to protect the babies' health

We use universal standarts of safe and quality production.

We offer different alternatives for our different color and quality overlock / sewing, embroidered, silicone / flock / frequency / transfer printed products.

Certified fabrics, accessories, artificial leather and materials used in the clothing sector; We produce as fashionable clothes.

Thanks to our research and development team, we produce "whatever you want" wholesale or customized creations in our company.

While we export our products to 32 countries, we can use any option for Freight and Customs Procedure related to our partners' requests and international regulations.



Please pay attention to the Cleaning Instructions written on the product labels in order to use the items in good condition

We can make custom production related to our clients' requests


Thanks for your attention...

We wish to establish a long-term cooperation with all our partners. All the best! Thanks for choosing our company.

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Duacinari Mh. Erdogan Sk. N.8
Yildirim - BURSA / TURKEY
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